Muses of Dhora

Every piece tells a story and Dhora’s jewelry is no different. Conceptualized in Milan and handcrafted in Rajasthan, these pieces are a sublime meeting of two very different worlds. A ‘minimal yet Indie’ approach, if you may! But this approach does not come easy. Our founder, Aavriti not only carefully ideates these designs in her studio but she also aspires to make them relevant to the world around her. A reflection of culture, lifestyle, and humility – this article takes you behind the stories of 7 of our very inspired pieces


An abstract mirage in itself, Cannes is inspired by the unpredictable dust storms of the desert. The deadly and poetic nature of these storms is both inspiring and threatening and Cannes captures exactly that with its sharp yet fluid edges. The swirling design is the perfect metaphor.


Ankle Tankdaa

Culture and Rajasthan have always had a very special relationship. Seeking from the ‘bajubandh’ and ‘bangadis’ beautifully worn by traditional Rajasthani women, Tankdaa is a modern spin on this culturally significant jewelry. It is a refreshing statement for the ankles.


Nature is a crucial part of art and in hot climates and dry marshes, what grows is a self-sustaining cactus with its own sense of survival. Inspired by its resilience and mystery, the Amazon earrings are a reflection of all things beauty.


The Ranakpur Jain Temple was made in the 15th century following a divine vision seen by a local businessman. Like the many other religious hotspots in Jaipur, the Temple necklace tries to capture details and divinity in one whole structure. The perfect tribute and reminder.

Yin Yang

‘The river persists
Carving downward, grain by grain,
Sculpting Majesty.’
Naturally created and uncertain in their endeavors, rock deserts like the Grand Canyon are the inspiration behind the equally unpredictable YinYang earrings. Abstraction never looked better!
Durga Maa
Nothing shows Navratri like Goddess Durga. Identified as the principal Hindu goddess of war, strength, and protection, she is a symbol of empowerment and wrath. The Durga Maa earrings are a fierce statement both literally and symbolically.
Square Doodle
Like light peeking through the intrinsic spaces of Rajasthani architecture, the Square Doodle is a fun play on light and shadow. There is a certain mystery that lies in hollow forts and royal palaces and the Square Doodle captures this unpredictability with its swirly anatomy.