Go to Work in Style

It’s the year of the Power Woman! With Girl Power raging around the world, women are taking over – quite literally. Showing off her bold, confident, and sophisticated style, she’s all about getting the work done.
Schedules have changed and so has the lifestyle. Juggling between work, family, and chores, there’s surely a lot to achieve in a day. It’s definitely a task when you’re running late for work and only have 5 minutes to spare. There’s only so much you can do, right? Wrong. Because we’ve picked out pieces that will effortlessly work for all your Monday to Friday moods. Get hustling!
For Your Blazer Days
With those formal meetings scheduled for the day, a blazer is your go-to-jacket. Add on a pair of Dhora’s framed jacket earrings and our hope pendent to it and it’ll go perfectly with your round neck top. Sleek and chic is the mantra here.
For Those Team Lunches
Whether it’s a formal dress or that pantsuit that you’ve picked out, all you need is a Knot bracelet or some Snake Kadda bangles to go. If you’d rather keep your hands free, pick up a chic pair of our Enamel chakra studs that will definitely pick up your neutral attire.
The Floral Print Combo
Bring out your feminine side with a fun top that brings out your colorful side. Add on a pair of our Petal hooks or go for a pair of subtle Posy studs that’ll liven up your look even more!
For Your Love of Pastels!
We all have pastels that we love – whether it is a formal shirt or a skirt you love, there’s something for everyone. Pick them out and pair them up with our stylish Bee necklace to effortlessly flaunt your sophisticated side.
The Poised Skirt Day

Whether it is a chic black skirt or a cute printed one, pair your skirts with some staple shirts to create the perfect monochrome ensemble. And after all that print, all you’ll need is to add is some bling with our chained ring or the wired ring!

Just Stripe It!

Stripes never really go out of style, do they? Pick a striped shirt and pair it with some basic bottoms. Add on our black Globe bracelet or a stack of Chand rings to this uber-cool ensemble and you’ll be ready for every impromptu plan of the day!

Jumpsuit’s the day

While Fridays are casual, they’re also open experimental! Pick out a stylish jumpsuit that makes you feel confident. Stand out of the crowd by pairing it with the Bobo ring and bring out the fun-Friday side of you.

Go Print on Print

When multi-print is on the table, why not have some fun with it? Get bold and pick out a scarf or a multi-printed accessory you’ve been saving for ‘someday’ and flaunt it with confidence. Add on our Rain Drop danglers and you’ll be ready to rule the day.

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