Basking in the Old World Charm

Don’t let the pandemic run over your desire to dress up your home with the latest decor. Your home is your personal sanctuary and it deserves the best there is. While we continue to be home, it’s only justified that we enjoy the comforts of staying in. From going playful with punchy colors or opting for understated artisanal throw pillows, make your living spaces your canvas. Here, we have picked discernible pieces that will not only be a style statement but will also add a heartening charm to your abode!
Arched Magazine Stand 
Channel your inner elegance with this iron arched and cushioned magazine stand. With the bold geometric design, cuddly knits, and a neutral palette, it adds a pared-down yet graceful comfort to the surroundings.
Yellow Wall Portrait
Add a zing of pop in your room with this fun and colorful portrait canvas. This design has certainly won our hearts with its homely yet vibrant feels. It quirkily demonstrates the new trends that embrace tactile details.
Folding Stool
Create a cozy corner in your home with this foldable knit cushion stool. The geometric design adds flair and a certain contemporary touch to its wooden seating. Whether it’s a period property or a country cottage, the stool sits well in combination with vintage wooden parquet flooring, exposed beams or maybe even bare brick.
Cer Jar Bottle
If you are drawn to a crafted, artisanal style in subtle earthy manners, this jar is your best bet. Its raw yellow sandstone tones and traditional metal lid will complete your vintage collection. It isn’t overly minimalist yet it holds an understated vibe in itself.
Minimal Aztec Print Rug
This woven off-white rug is the perfect pick to go with your bare flooring. It is simple, chic, and subdued. The comforting texture, decorative details, and tactile weaves will add a snug feel to an already warm rug.
Cascade Wall Hanging
Opt for this wall hanging with its mix of cool blues, beiges, and whites to not only complement your cozy bedroom interiors but also add a splash to your workspace. With a relaxed and calm vibe, it leaves a long-lasting impact.